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100% Customizable Mask Solution

3D Printed Reusable Respirator Protections for Everybody

⚠️ COVID-19 : AnatoMask is currently in prototype phase. We will offer FREE personalised ready to print masks for the first users and contributors.  Engineers, makers, medical staff, contact us !
You can contribute your own designs and have them personnalised with Anatomask ⚠️ 

A full webservice will be online soon. Our open-source mask and data are available here

Why ? 

AnatoMask solution will effectively protect you and provide maximum comfort with 100% customized masks.

Our objectives are to :  
- Reduce the spread of diseases 
- Reduce waste by limiting single use masks 
- Provide an easy to clean solution
- Provide a perfect and comfortable fit shaped for your face

How ?

For the moment, scan your face with a dedicated app and send us your 3D model. We will just send you by e-mail a ready-to-print STL 3D files of your customised mask.

Anatomask is under patent*.We are currently working on our online platform. In the near future, you will have an immediate access to your 3D STL files. Register your details on our contact form below to keep updated. 

Who ? 

AnatoMask is for everybody. You and me. 

People who are especially at risk or in contact with others (Health professionals, service workers) would benefit from having a personalised and reusable mask.  

Engineers, designers, makers please join us on this journey and collaborate with us on this unique initiative. Feel free to propose your own designs! 


Presenting the AnatoMask Application

A simple video presenting the pipeline for the customisation of a first mask prototype with the AnatoMask Application.

We are working on new designs and waiting for your contributions.  

Your Personalised Mask in 4 Steps

Face scan using a phone with ScandyPro app

Scan your face and send it to us

Many apps allow you to scan your face. We explain you how to do it in this page : HOW TO SCAN YOUR FACE . Send us your 3D data file via our contact form.

3D personalised application of Anatomask

We personalise your mask in a few seconds

We will personalise our open-source mask based on your 3D face scan and send you the STL files. Your personal data are deleted at the end of the process. 

3D printer for face mask

Print it with your favorite machine 

You can now print your own mask with your favorite printer and material. We recommend ABS or PET material (FDM), or PA12/P11 material (SLA). 

Different parts of a mask, filter, lock, protective grid

Assembling in 4 steps          (An example)

Place the protective grid (3) inside the mask (1). Cover with the filter (2) and seal it with the lock (4). Add elastics and place it on your face. 

3D Models and Links

Use it, share it, improve it ! 

Our models are fully open-source. You can use our orginal head template to design your own mask.

Just one rule : deformable parts and rigid parts must be separated in differents files and in the same origin. 
You have access to all the CAD files and examples in the Dropbox

Dropbox Link for Anatomask CAD model

All the models are available in this Dropbox. If you want to design your own model and share it, please contact us.

Dropbox Link


You want to try AnatoMask© or receive news from us, please fill in the form below 

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Work together on printing face mask projects

Thanks to our first contributors : 
Anatoscope, Chabloz, Emersya, Jean-François Carrazé, PITATT 3D print mask...

Anatoscope logo with human body, digital twin, anatomy and medical imaging

For medical device companies who need to improve their personalized designs, Anatoscope offers software solutions to automatically transform imaging to complete 3D digital twins of the patients, ready for motion and physical simulation, to help diagnostics, to virtually try treatments, and to automatically design optimal braces and prostetics. Our patented technology, based on two decades of research at CNRS and INRIA, registers biomechanical templates to personalized imaging.
We are working with dental, imaging and orthopedic companies, and our goal is to become the gold standard in personalized brace and prostetics design.

You want to know more about us, please visit the  Anatoscope website


Our Contacts


Cap Omega, Rd Pt Benjamin Franklin 34960 Montpellier France 


Frederick Van Meer


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